financial inclusion

Financial Inclusion

The current efforts at financial inclusion in India are being hampered mainly by the high costs of running separate financial activities. The rationale of keeping these activities separate has been to prevent mingling of funds (in a mainly cash-dependent scenario) and also, to avoid pressure on customers to buy unnecessary financial products. However, this has resulted in making each of these activities financially fragile and prevented them from scaling, thereby affecting the rural customers the most. RTBI has been leading the efforts to leverage mobile technologies for real-time payments and monitoring & guiding field agents. For this it has partnered with IIT Madras and Qarth Technologies (one of RTBI's most recent incubatees). RTBI is also working with Institute of Financial Management and Research (IFMR) to understand the technology requirements of Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) working in the area of financial inclusion and how the rural population will adopt to mobile technologies for financial services. We are also in touch with premier banking organizations and other financial institutions to assert the need for an integrated financial services delivery platform, powered by mobile technologies.