The past decade has seen rapid development with respect to the reach of education with increasing enrollment of students. But, given the large expanse of the country and the fact that availability of infrastructure and resource is not uniform across, there is a need to think innovatively in order to ensure quality education to the gradually expanding learning community. RTBI along with IITM and Telecom Centre of Excellence (TCoE) as a part of a national agenda is exploring how Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can be leveraged to strengthen the quality of education and ensure its reach to all students across the country.

In line with this objective, we are working with the academia, industry as well as the government on developing an ecosystem for ICT intervention in education focusing primarily on higher education to start with. We are also working on establishing connectivity, enabling access to device and providing e-Content to students in order to bring about a comprehensive quality improvement. We are developing educational technologies such as tools for live lectures, collaborative learning platforms, and interactive eBooks for digital content that aim to supplement in-classroom learning.