The core focus of RTBI is Incubation. As an Incubator, RTBI’s objective is to identify, nurture and support entrepreneurs aspiring to evolve rural/social inclusive business models leveraging Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). RTBI looks at strengthening and supporting entrepreneurs whose start-up aims to have a larger and cascading impact on the rural and underserved populace.


Incubation Process

The different stages of Startup Lifecycle of Ideation, Innovation and Execution are defined and captured and classified in the RTBI incubation pathway as Exploratory Phase, Venture in the making phase, Early Stage venture and Graduated Venture. RTBI encourages and supports entrepreneurs entering into our ecosystem in any of these stages

Entrepreneur Selection Process

Currently the steps to on-board are:

  • 1. Submit an Online application along with a presentation (template is available online) expressing interest to apply for Incubation.
  • 2. Upon receiving the application and presentation, a quick internal review is done and the feedback is passed on to the applicant for improvisation, if any.
  • 3. Once the draft presentation is ready, a meeting is arranged for with the Management of RTBI.
  • 4. Upon evaluation and if accepted, the incubation application is then recommended to be presented before an Incubation Committee (comprising of external members as well)
  • 5. Upon Committee’s approval, the said terms are communicated to the applicant. After mutual concurrence, it is proceeded towards Incubation Agreement sign off.

RTBI has sole discretion on acceptance or rejection of proposals for incubation and the decision of RTBI in this regard to be deemed final.

Apply Criteria

Open to all qualified candidates with:

  • A keen entrepreneurial spirit and passion to make a difference in rural and other under-served societies in India
  • Interested in technological innovations and applications using ICT that can create an impact and help in empowering people
  • A commitment to social and enterprise development

Support & Services

The following are RTBI’s support and services to its incubated companies as per individual needs and requirements:

  • Infrastructure to operate out of RTBI Office
  • Admin support (Meeting /conference room facilities, Printer, Copier )
  • Services: Company Secretary, Accounting, Legal, IP (patents, copyrights etc)
  • Funding as applicable
  • Networking and Linkages to Investors/Angels/VCs

RTBI also provides other Value added services such as:

  • Joint technology development services
  • Product / Service development support
  • Marketing / Go-to launch strategy service
  • Preparation for Series A/ Series B/Institutional services
  • Bank Lending services
  • Credit / Risk Assessment services