RTBI participates in CPR south8/CPRafrica 2013 Conference


RTBI participates in CPR south8/CPRafrica 2013 Conference.

CPR south8/ CPRafrica 2013 Conference - Innovation & Entrepreneurship in ICT : Changing Asia/ Africa

Host: IIT Madras, Chair CPRsouth : Professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala

Venue: Infosys Campus, Mysore 5-7 Sep 2013


Young Scholars:GayathriGurumurthy and Shanmugpriya T P

Paper Presenters:SathyaPriyaKittusami and Jayalakshmi Umadikar

Event coordinator: Nupura Gunthe and Suma Prashant

This year’s CPRsouth Conference was hosted by IIT Madras at Infosys Campus, Mysore from 5 – 7 Sep 2013. Prior to this there were tutorials on 3rd and 4th Sep for Young Scholars. Around 85 participants actively participated from around 30 countries. CPR south 8 provided a forum for policy- engaged scholars to meet face-to-face to exchange ideas, network and improve the quality of their scholarly work. It fosters the next generation of active scholars and in-situ experts capable of contributing to good ICT related policy and regulation in the region.